Our Accreditation

The AngelWatch Accreditation is a higher standard for Security & Safety that is required for licensing in all 50 states.  Our AngelWatch National Accreditation Program has made us the Safest Center in the area! Safety is AngelWatch’s and Our Centers #1 Priority  We give you a marketing Edge above all of your competition.  It will also get you a reduction in your insurance premiums.  All of our Accredited centers are either at full capacity within 12 months or sooner.

All of our Accredited centers have 35% growth or more within the first 12 months.

“AngelWatch National Accreditation Program is a higher standard of training and technology in regards to Security & Safety that is required for licensing in all 50 states.”
We have been approved for a grant to train our entire staff in:
  • CPR / infant, toddler, adult
  • First aid training
  • AED / automated external defibrillator training
  • MAT / medication administration training
  • Fire evacuation procedures and equipment
  • Access Control procedures and protocols
  • Shelter in place 
  • Parent child abduction
  • Lockdown procedures external threat
  • Lockdown procedures internal threat
  • Lockdown procedures natural disaster
  • Bomb threat procedures and protocols
  • Emergency evacuation procedures and protocols
  • Active shooter procedures internal threat
  • Active shooter procedures exterior threat
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Anaphylaxis and epinephrine auto injector 
  • Asthma inhaler 
  • Administering emergency oxygen
All of our techniques, trainings, equipment, software, hardware and instructions are considered classified material and owned by the AngelWatch Foundation. We do not share our information on how we teach. The reason, we keep the center, staff and children protected at all times. We never want anyone to try to figure out a way to bypass our trainings. We always improve, change and adapt to make sure that we have every base covered.