What is the AngelWatch National Accreditation Program?

What Training the AngelWatch National Accreditation Provides for Your Center and Children?

CPR Training

CPR / infant, toddler, adult

First Aid Training

AED / Automated External Defibrillator Training

MAT / Medication Administration Training

Fire evacuation procedures and equipment

Access Control procedures and protocols

Parent Child Abduction

Lockdown Procedures

Bomb Threat Procedures and Protocols

Active Shooter

Blood-borne Pathogens

Anaphylaxis and epinephrine auto injector

Asthma inhaler

Administering emergency oxygen

Our commitment is to make the center run smoother in case of any emergency big or small. We do not overwhelm a staff, meaning, we do not overload them with paperwork and lengthy training manuals because that will not work. We understand the capacity of the staff and make it easy for them to understand and do. Practical application of our trainings always works the best. It will let the center owners know who or what is the weakest link in their centers and in our line of training and specialty, the life they save may be their own.

All of our techniques, trainings, equipment, software, hardware and instructions are considered classified material and owned by the AngelWatch Foundation. We do not share our information on how we teach. The reason, we keep the center, staff and children protected at all times. We never want anyone to try to figure out a way to bypass our trainings. We always improve, change and adapt to make sure that we have every base covered.

What Parents and Centers Are Saying About the AngelWatch Foundation

"AngelWatch has not only increased my enrollment, it has protected me numerous times when a child has had an accident and it shows the parent that it was just that, an accident"

Valarie P.

Owner, New Wonders

"Not only do my parents love it, AngelWatch has my staff feeling more protected than ever. There are some very concerned parents that use to come in very upset if their child had a little mark from falling, now we are completely protected"

Stella M.

Owner, Starlite Learning Center

"Since I became AngelWatch accredited, I have filled my center, my parents are thrilled, my staff feels protected and my insurance has dropped 20%. I couldn’t be happier"

Gahna M.

Laugh Love and Learn

"We had a parent make an accusation to the state after I already showed her through AngelWatch that nothing happened. The parent still called the State, they sent an Investigator I showed her the what the parent was talking about, the Investigator LOVES AngelWatch and the case was closed that day! I couldn’t be happier that I am with AngelWatch"

Maria G.

Owner, All Because We care

"We became AngelWatch Accredited before we even opened. Every tour that I given I have showed them the AngelWatch Video explaining what AngelWatch is and what it means, EVERY parent have signed up their Children. They professionals showed us how to design our center and each room, helped with our web site and it cost us nothing! We could not be happier"

Maria S.

Owner, Moma 'n Cubs

"I can’t believe the difference that AngelWatch has made in my business. It’s just amazing to see my day care thriving like this"

Melody K.

Owner, Little Lords and Ladies

"I have been in business over 20 years and I have never had so many new enrollments this fast in my life. My staff loves know that they are protected at all times"

Sandra K.

Owner , Tree of Life