For Your Peace of Mind

All parents have some sort of anxiety when it comes to their families, especially when it involves children. The AngelWatch Foundation knows what it is like. We all wonder if they are safe. We all wonder what they are doing when they are not with us. When you hear a siren out your window or you see an ambulance or fire truck go by, you get that frightened feeling in the pit of your stomach. This happens to us all. Any time of the day, at work or doing your daily routine, it is just a fact of life. Some people’s cases are more severe than others, but no matter what the case we at Angel Watch want to help.
According to US Statistics, it is estimated that roughly 60 million adults suffer from adult separation anxiety disorder. It is believed that 77% of adults suffering from ASAD (adult separation anxiety disorder) will not experience symptoms until adulthood and have their own families.

“Studies have shown that a person with ASAD is, on an average, 37% less productive in their careers and up to 60% less productive in their personal relationships. This is one of the reasons why AngelWatch was created.”

ASAD can cause numerous problems for parents and can cause stress on their relationships with family, friends and co-workers along with not being able to cope with day to day situations regarding their personal lives and career. 

Life is hard enough without having added stressors from worrying about your loved ones. AngelWatch Foundation will help alleviate those stressors from Separation Anxiety. In today’s society, there is enough to worry about. Let us take some of that burden off of your shoulders.