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While enlisting in the United States Marine Corps, Mr. Vitalli was approached and recruited to another Government Agency where he spent numerous years protecting the United States and our Allies. Mr. Vitalli took a leave to be by his Brother’s death bed to help his family pull through that hard time.

After his brother’s passing, Mr. Vitalli went back to serving our country as a contracted Operator for the United States Government and formed Vortek International where he has spent over 20 years keeping Americans safe around the world. Vortek, to this day works with numerous government agencies, different branches of the military, and police departments around the globe, to supplement military forces as needed, and perform covert operations where necessary.

“The AngelWatch Accreditation Program has a higher standard of Safety and Security protocols than any state mandated procedures or courses throughout the United States”, Mr. Vitalli explains, “it is our mission to make sure that every teacher and staff member in any type of facility can handle any circumstance or emergency that may arise in any Daycare, Preschool or Early Learning Center with confidence and conviction.”
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In 2001, Mr. Vitalli was contracted to consult for the founding of the Department of Homeland Security and the implementation of Security protocols and standards that are utilized by different government Agencies and allied countries, to Fortune 500 companies throughout the world.

Mr. Vitalli also spent many years as a television and film actor, and co-hosted the Maury Show between 2006-2013, appearing in over 300 episodes helping to resolve conflicts and mentor children. His “Special Operations” character was also tasked with finding out the truth of what goes on in people’s relationships, using any means necessary.

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Then, he continued his passion for helping others with his own show, My Dysfunctional Family helping families in distress. With his Son just being born, Mr. Vitalli decided to take time off from TV to spend time with his Family.

After becoming a Husband and now a Father, he then focused his vast expertise and recognized the lack of precautions, protocols and trainings that were available for daycares, preschools and early learning centers throughout the Country. He then Founded the AngelWatch Foundation, partnered with the American Red Cross and developed the AngelWatch National Accreditation Program for the Safety and Security of Children.