Your Child's Safety

Parents would like to think that their children are safe when they put them in the care of others. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. The people that dedicate their lives to children in day cares  are teachers and professional caregivers, they are not trained to handle life-and-death emergencies. That is why the AngelWatch National Accreditation Program was created.

Fact: in 2018, the number of Child deaths from neglect, negligence and insufficient training while in the care of a caregiver was nearly 2000.

Preparedness, Health and Safety Award

Training above & beyond the standard industry expectations for the Safety of children & teachers.

Safety is AngelWatch’s #1 Priority.

In today’s society people are concerned with safety now more than ever, for themselves and for their family. The AngelWatch Foundation will give you the knowledge on how to handle any emergency.